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Life Insurance with Elevated Liver Function Tests (ELFT)

Aside from high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, one of the more common abnormalities on life insurance exams that we see is an elevation in liver function tests. Sometimes the person doesn’t know until the exam that they have above normal elevations, and sometimes a person has been previously declined, or knows from getting a physical with their Doctor that their levels are high. The good news is that some life insurance companies are more apt to approve you if you have an elevation in your liver function tests. In this blog post I’ll cover questions that we will ask you when applying for life insurance that can help us find you the best rate for life insurance with an elevated liver function test.

Life insurance companies care about the results of an Elevated Liver Function Tests because an elevation can be a sign that your liver is not functioning as it should. There are several conditions that can lead to an an elevation that is outside the normal range – such as hepatitis,excessive drinking (alcohol), liver cancer, cirrhosis. There are also medications that can cause an increase in liver function tests, such as Dilantin, phenobarbital, allopurinol and many others.

Understanding the reason for your elevated liver functions can be helpful in determining your ability to get approved for coverage, and at the best rates.

Questions We Would Ask:


  • How Long Have You had Elevated Liver Functions?
  • How high are the levels?
  • Do you currently drink alcohol, or have a past history of alcohol abuse?
  • Have you been tested for hepatitis? Was an Ultra sound or biopsy done?
  • Do you know the reason for the elevations?

Understanding the cause and knowing how high above normal the elevations are will determine the health rating that you get, and in turn the rate you pay for a life insurance policy.

It’s possible to get Preferred rates if elevations are only slightly outside the normal range. For elevations and for conditions that are more serious, the health rating can range from Standard to Table 6 (also called Table F).

We specialize in high risk life insurance and knowing which life insurance company will offer you the best rate based on your levels and condition. We have successfully helped many people get approved for coverage even with elevated function tests. The key is getting as much information as possible and knowing the guidelines of all the major life insurance companies, and guiding you in the right direction.

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