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This is Liran Hircshkorn from and in this video, I’m going
to talk to you about getting proof for life insurance after you’ve had a
stent put in, coming up in this video. So, you may have had a stent put in
over the last couple of years or several years ago and you’re looking to
get a life insurance policy.

What are some things that need to know? First, if you’ve had a stent put in
within the last six months, you’re probably not going to get approved,
since most life insurance companies want to see at least six months
following the stent before they approve you.

Because any complications that can happen will typically happen within six
months of the surgery. So, first thing is you want to wait six months at
least after having the stent put in before you apply for coverage.

Now, as far as getting approved and getting the best rate for coverage
really depends on what the triggering event was that caused you to need a
stent. So, for example, if you had some blockage that was discovered in a
physical exam, then that’s going to be better and easier to get approved
for coverage than, let’s say, if you had a heart attack that led to the
event of having to have a stent put in.

The other factors to consider are whether you’ve had one stent, whether
you’ve had two stents. Again, you’re going to get better rates with only
having one stent put in and not multiple stents.

So, when we speak to you regarding getting a life insurance policy, we’re
going to ask you these questions. “When was the stent put in”? “What have
tests been like since the stent”? “Have stress tests and EKGs been normal
since”? “What was the underlying reason for the stent being put in”? And
“When was the event and how many stents were put in”?

So, we’ll talk about these things. And based on your answers, we can give
you an idea of “Can you get a proof of life insurance”? And “What type of
life insurance pricing can you expect”?

So, you can give me a call. My name is Liran Hirschkorn. Or click the link below if you’re on
YouTube. Visit our website to get a customized quote for
life insurance.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you.

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