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Take the Time to Carefully Review Your Policy and Ask Questions

Despite their simple purpose and straightforward financial structure, life insurance policies may come with an exceedingly complex collection of caveats, riders and coverage exemptions. Life insurance shoppers frustrated by the time-consuming process of vetting individual policies and choosing proper levels of coverage may fail to perform adequate due diligence. In a worst-case scenario, policyholders who… Continue Reading

What to Expect in a Medical Exam

What to Expect in a Medical Exam

Traditional medical life insurance policies require a detailed medical history and a medical exam by an insurance company-approved physician. Simplified-issue policies eliminate this step of the application process, but they will still require certain medical information from the applicant. A guaranteed-issue policy will not require any medical information from the applicant. Simplified- and guaranteed-issue policies… Continue Reading

Young and Single: 5 reasons Why You Must Have Life Insurance:

I get it. You’ve never thought about life insurance before. I mean c’mon, you don’t have kids, and you’re not even married so why would you need to spend dough on something as uncool as life insurance? Here are some reasons why you might just want to. Debt and Student Loans Like most young people… Continue Reading

What Does Suze Orman Say About Life Insurance

Suze Orman has created 12 steps to wealth. Basically, 12 important financial tips that are essential for a healthy financial life. Her steps include getting out of debt, and savings for your children’s education. The 8th step is “insuring your well being”. In this step Suze says that if anyone is relying on you for… Continue Reading

Protecting Your Life Insurance Beneficiaries

Over the last month large insurance companies have settled with several states to pay out millions of dollars owed on life insurance death benefit claims. Basically several states have sued large insurance carriers and AIG, Prudential, Nationwide and several others have agreed to settle claims that they haven’t done all they could to locate beneficiaries… Continue Reading

Metlife Insurance Quotes Online: Buyer Beware

        Metlife at $14 a Month? Is This for Real? Get Metlife Insurance Quotes  Online Here:   If you Google the words “Term Life Quotes” you will see ads like the image above. Unfortunately advertisers such as Met Life advertise that you can get $250,000 of coverage for as low as $14… Continue Reading

Instant Life Insurance Quote

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