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The E-cigarette and Life Insurance— Why Prudential is the Logical Choice

Alternatives to smoking tobacco have risen to greater prominence over the past decade, and among them is the increasingly popular electronic cigarette. Even most non-smokers these days are aware of this “E-cigarette” (Electronic Cigarette). Even though these cigarettes only simulate actual smoking tobacco through their own vapor-making devices and many do not actually release any… Continue Reading

Best Term Life Insurance Rates for Cigar Smokers

If you are looking for the best term life insurance rates for cigar smokers, this guide will provide you with the underwriting guidelines of some of the top term life insurance companies and how to get the best rates. The good news is that you can get non-tobacco rates if you only smoke cigars and… Continue Reading

Term Life Insurance For Smokers

In this article I will discuss term life insurance for smokers,which life insurance companies have the best rates for smokers, and also discuss how you can lower your rates if you do quit smoking in the future. I’ll also give some examples of rates for term life insurance for smokers and compare pricing between life… Continue Reading

Prudential Life Insurance for Medical Marijuana Users

Medical marijuana has been legalized in a number of states. Several other States have pending legislation to approve the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Estimates show that over 2 Million Americans use medicinal cannabis. That figure is expected to grow as medicinal use becomes more accepted and legalized in additional States. While life insurance… Continue Reading

Life Insurance for Quitters: Ninja Strategies for Saving Money

Congratulations. You’re a quitter. You’ve taken the difficult task of kicking the habit and now you want better rates on your life insurance policy. Not so fast Charlie – unless you haven’t picked up a cigarette in at least the last 12 months, you’re not eligible for non tobacco life insurance rates. In this blog… Continue Reading

Life Insurance for Tobacco Chewers: Saving you $46,560

All Tobacco is Not Created Equal: You know this if you use tobacco dip as opposed to smoking cigarettes. If you  do chew tobacco, or use tobacco dip and paying a smoker rate on your life insurance, you are overpaying for your life insurance policy. If you haven’t yet gotten life insurance, but looking at… Continue Reading

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