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No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Seniors

It is easy to see why no medical exam life insurance for seniors is a very appealing option. Life insurance provides the financial security your family needs if something tragic were to happen. Many families are left with debt that they cannot afford to pay. Having life insurance will pay for all the final expenses… Continue Reading

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

It would be great if buying life insurance was a quick and easy process, but that isn’t always the case. Getting approved for life insurance usually takes about 4-6 weeks and includes getting a medical exam. Sometimes life insurance companies also request your medical records from your doctor. It is for this reason that many… Continue Reading

$25,000 Term Life Insurance Policy: What are my options?

If you are looking for a $25,000 term life insurance policy, you may be surprised that there are limited choices. Many life insurance companies have minimum coverage amounts of $50,000 or $100,000. In this article I’ll highlight a couple of life insurance companies that do offer $25,000 of coverage and discuss when a medical exam… Continue Reading

What Is Accidental Death Benefit Life Insurance

Life insurance is an excellent safety net that you can buy for your loved ones. Nobody wants to think about something tragic happening, but you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. If you were to pass away, your loved ones could be left with a mountain of debt and other final expenses. When you’re… Continue Reading

Fidelity Life no medical exam life insurance

Fidelity Life Insurance is one of the oldest and most trusted life insurance companies. They provide real options for the average American who is searching for affordable term insurance that is a no medical exam life insurance policy. There are two programs in particular from Fidelity Life Insurance that can benefit individuals who need to… Continue Reading

ANICO Term Life Insurance Without Medical Exam

Term Life Insurance Without Medical Exam   There are a few good choices for getting term life insurance without a medical exam, and in this blog post I’m going to specifically highlight ANICO – which is American National Life Insurance Company and their signature term life insurance without a medical exam. If you would like… Continue Reading

Mortgage Life Insurance: No Medical Exam Options

  If you recently bought a home and took out a mortgage, you might be thinking about getting a life insurance policy. There are several options  to get protection for your family including options that do not require a medical exam, and I’ll go through them in this blog post. Mortgage Protection Life Insurance Some… Continue Reading

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