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What to do if You Have Been Declined for Life Insurance

If you have recently applied for life insurance and your application was either declined or postponed, you might be trying to figure out what your options are at this point. In this blog post I’ll cover various options and what to do if you have been declined for life insurance.

What to do if You Have Been Declined for Life Insurance

The first step you should take is find out why you were declined for coverage. The insurance company that declined you should send you a letter in the mail. While one company declined you, it doesn’t mean that every other life insurance company will decline you as well – especially if you applied with companies that have strict underwriting guidelines, like State Farm, or Allstate.

I recommend speaking with a high risk life insurance agency to see if they think you can get approved with another life insurance company. You will want to work with an agency that has access to multiple life insurance companies, and understands high risk life insurance – such as If it is determined that you might be able to get approved with another company, go ahead and apply for coverage.

What If You Can’t Get Approved With Another Life Insurance Company?

If its been determined that you can’t get approved for a life insurance policy, you still have options. You can look to apply for a Graded Life Insurance Policy or Guaranteed Issue life insurance policy.

What is Graded Life Insurance – Simplified and Guaranteed Issue.


A graded life insurance policy is designed for those that can’t get approved for a regular life insurance policy. Simplified Graded life insurance policies ask you a series of questions needed to qualify for coverage. Qualifying for coverage is likely for most people that have been declined for a regular policy, although there are certain times when you wouldn’t get approved for a Graded policy – for example if you are currently getting treatment for cancer. In cases where you can’t get approved for a Simplified Issue policy, you can try for a Guaranteed Issue policy. Guaranteed issue policies also have an initial waiting period, but are “guaranteed issue” – meaning anyone can qualify for coverage.

Besides the initial waiting period that graded policies have, they typically also have a limit of how much coverage you can get. While one company may offer up to $25,000 of coverage, another may offer $100,000 – but you generally won’t find graded policies for over $100,000. If you need more coverage than that, you might need to get multiple policies.

Accidental Death Benefit Life Insurance

Another alternative to a traditional life insurance policy is getting an accidental death benefit policy. As the name implies, accidental death benefit policies only covers death in cases where death results from injury or accident. However there are no qualifications needed to be able to get an accidental life insurance policy and if you have exhausted options for getting a traditional policy, or want more coverage than available with a graded death benefit policy, look to get an accidental life insurance policy. They are fairly inexpensive compared to a regular life insurance policy.

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