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Top 10 Life Insurance Companies

Although I generally don’t have one life insurance company that I would consider the top life insurance company, people often ask me which are the top 10 life insurance companies that I recommend most often. Below is a list of these companies and why I like each one. You can also compare quotes for life insurance using our instant online quoter right below this paragraph, or keep reading for more on the top life insurance companies.

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies


Prudential is an A+ rated company. They have competitive pricing for life insurance and are particularly excellent if you are a cigar smoker, chew tobacco, or smoke a pipe – in all these cases you can get non smoker rates. Prudential also happens to be extremely competitive in pricing if you have a history of DUIs on your record, and offers non smoker rates to medical marijuana and recreational marijuana users. Prudential also insures active military service members.


Known as the no nonsense life insurance company, SBLI is A+ rated and has extremely competitive pricing, often times they have the top rates among anyone for term life insurance. Besides offering 10 year, 20 year, and 30 year term like most other companies, SBLI also offers 25 year term rates. Chances are if you compare quotes, SBLI will be in the top five best priced term life companies.

Banner Life

A+ rated and in business since 1949, Banner Life has excellent pricing as well as excellent underwriting guidelines. They are one of my go-to companies for type 2 diabetics, and also likely to be one of the top 5 best priced companies you will find.


A+ rated as well, Transamerica offers coverage starting at just $25,000. They also offer no medical exam coverage up to age 70. You’re not going to find other companies offering no medical exam term for those above 65.

American General

An A rated company in business for over 160 years, American General has excellent underwriting guidelines and is my choice for many high risk life insurance conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn’s Disease. They also offer 25 year term life and have competitive rates.

Protective Life

Not only does Protective Life have very competitive pricing, but they also have a unique term life insurance policy. They are A+ rated, and allow you to keep premiums the same, even after your term expires. You can read more about how Protective Term Life works here.


Often competitive for larger life insurance companies, MetLife is rated A+ and has a great reputation. They also insure active military service members and offer the best term options for type 1 diabetics.


Reliastar ING has one of the most liberal underwriting guidelines when it comes to high cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol, you are likely to get the best health rating, and in turn the best price, from ING. They also offer Super Preferred rates for Scuba Divers, and along with Prudential, are my top two choices for scuba divers. They are A rated.


American National Life Insurance is A rated and offers no medical exam life insurance up to $250,000 of coverage. What is unique about ANICO is that they have excellent rates and offer no medical exam life insurance in every state including NY – which doesn’t have many carriers that offer no exam life insurance.

Fidelity Life

Fidelity Life also offers no medical exam life insurance as well as high risk life insurance options for seniors over 50. Fidelity makes their underwriting decisions within 24-48 hours and they make it easy to apply and get a term life policy quickly. Fidelity also offers accidental death benefit life insurance at very inexpensive rates.

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