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Term Life Insurance with Sleep Apnea

More than 18 million Americans suffer from Sleep Apnea, and among them are many that need to get life insurance. This blog post will cover getting term life insurance with sleep apnea – what questions you should be prepared to answer, as well as what type of health rating you can expect to get from life insurance companies, and some examples of pricing for life insurance with sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Life Insurance Questions          sleep apnea life insurance

Not all sleep apnea sufferers are created equal. To help get you an accurate quote for life insurance, here are questions that we will ask you:

  • Your Current Age and how long you have had sleep apnea.
  • What type of Sleep Apnea do you have? Obstructive, Central, or Mixed? (most people with sleep apnea have obstructive sleep apnea).
  •  What is the severity of your sleep apnea?
  •  Have you had a sleep study? If so, when?
  •  What is your current height/weight?
  •  Do you have any other medical issues, such as high blood pressure, arrhythmia?
  •  Do you currently smoke cigarettes or have a history of smoking?
  • Treatment – what is the current treatment? Are you using a CPAP, oral device, or have had surgery?


Health Rating for Sleep Apnea Life Insurance

Depending on your answers to the above questions you will fall into one of several categories:

Term Life with Mild Sleep Apnea:

If you sleep apnea is mild and without complications, you can potentially get Preferred Plus rates and your sleep apnea may not have a negative affect on the pricing of your life insurance policy.

Term Life with Moderate Sleep Apnea:

If your sleep apnea is moderate, but is being treated (for example with a CPAP) and you are following your doctor’s treatment recommendations, then Preferred rates are possible.

If you sleep apnea is moderate, however it is untreated, but still without complications, you can expect a table 2-4 health rating – I will give an example of pricing later in this blog post so that you have an understanding of what this means.

Term Life Insurance with Severe Sleep Apnea:

If you have severe sleep apnea which is being treated, and you are following the treatment recommended by your doctor, then you can probably expect a standard health rating.

If however your sleep apnea is severe and is currently untreated, you may get declined for life insurance, so make sure that you are seeking treatment for the condition.

 Term Life Insurance Rates with Sleep Apnea

So what do all these ratings mean? Since I don’t know your specific condition, I encourage you to contact us, or fill or compare rates below, however I’ll use a $500,000 for a 40 year old male and quote at a few different health ratings so you can see the difference in pricing:

$500,000 40 year old male 20 year term life Preferred Plus Rates:

This example is for someone with mild sleep apnea with no complications: Pricing would be:

 $30 per month – $500,000 20 year term 40 year old male.

$500,000 40 year old male 20 year term life Preferred Rates:

This example is for someone with mild sleep apnea without complications that is being treated and following doctor’s orders:

$39 per month – $500,000 20 year term 40 year old male.

$500,000 40 year old male 20 year term life Standard rates:

This example is for someone with severe sleep apnea that is being treated and following doctor’s orders:

 $64 per month – $500,000 20 year term 40 year old male.

$500,000 20 year term 40 year old male:

This example is for someone with moderate sleep apnea that is currently not being treated. I’ll use a table 2 substandard rating.

$500,000 20 year term 40 year old male – Table 2 Rating

 $77 per month is the pricing in this example.

As you can see in the above example, depending on the health rating you get the pricing can vary for sleep apnea life insurance. Fill out the form below to get a customized quote specifically for you.


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