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Marijuana Life Insurance: Get Non Smoker Rates

Marijuana Life Insurance” – you would think those words would typically not go together, but surprisingly they do. There are a few life insurance companies that offer you an opportunity to get approved for life insurance if you smoke marijuana. Not only can you get approved, but you can also get Non Smoker Rates for life insurance with marijuana use. Getting non smoker rates will save you a significant amount of money on a term life insurance policy, as rates for smokers are usually 2-4 times what non-smokers pay. Whether you use marijuana recreationally or with a prescription from a physician, non smoker rates are possible with the right life insurance companies. At we represent well over 30 life insurance companies and can help you get non smoker life insurance rates for marijuana use. If you would like a quote fill out our quote form right below this paragraph, or keep reading more on ‘Marijuana Life Insurance and Non Smoker Rates’

Medical Marijuana Life Insurance Rates

The best life insurance company for medical marijuana users is Prudential Life Insurance. With Prudential Life Insurance you can get up to Preferred Best Non Tobacco rates for Medical Marijuana. Your health rating – and in turn pricing – for a policy with Prudential will be based on th

marijuana life insurance

e reason why you are using medical marijuana. For example, if you are using medical marijuana for insomnia, you may qualify for Preferred or Preferred Plus non-tobacco. On the other hand if you are using medical marijuana because you have multiple sclerosis, you will still get non smoker rates, but you won’t qualify for a preferred health rating.  Prudential is the only company that offers these types of rates for medicinal marijuana. If you would like to apply for life insurance with Prudential, or get a quote, you can get Prudential life insurance rates with our quote tool right below this article or contact us at 800-574-0245 ext 101 to apply for life insurance.

Marijuana Life Insurance – Recreational Use Rates

If you use Marijuana for recreational purposes you can still get non-smoker rates for life insurance. There are a handful of life insurance companies that would offer non smoker rates, depending on how often you use marijuana. For example, Prudential Life Insurance will offer Standard Non Smoker Plus for up to twice per month use and a non smoker substandard B rating for up to 4 times per week.

Lincoln National Life Insurance would offer Standard Non Smoker rates for up to twice per week marijuana use, and a substandard table B for 3-4 times per week of use.

If you use Marijuana and looking for life insurance, choosing the right life insurance becomes extremely important and can save you thousands of dollars over the term of your policy.

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