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Life Insurance with Crohn’s Disease: Tips for Crohn’s Disease Life Insurance Underwriting

Life Insurance with Crohn's DiseaseIf you have Crohn’s disease it is very likely that you can get a life insurance policy. Even if you have been declined before, it could be because the agent or insurance company you worked with was not the right fit for you. Not every insurance company offers life insurance with crohn’s disease or  wants to insure people with pre-existing conditions; and working with the right company can make the difference between being approved or declined for coverage.

 How Do You Know Which Insurance Company to Work With?


At we have experience helping people with Crohn’s disease in obtaining life insurance. We know which companies are more aggressive in insuring people with this condition. Here is a list of questions we will be asking you to understand your situation and match you up with the right insurance company.

 History of Episodes:


1)    Date of diagnosis and date of most recent episode.

2)    Total number of episodes

3)    Number of episodes on the last 6 months

4)    Number of episodes in the last 5 years




1)    Name of medication

2)    Dates used

3)    Quantity taken

4)    Frequency taken




1)    Have you ever been hospitalized for Crohn’s disease: If yes what dates?

2)    Has surgery been recommended? If so when will it be completed?

3)    Had surgery been done? If so please list date(s) and type of surgery

4)    Have you ever been disabled due to the condition?

5)    Do you have any other medical conditions?


If you have had a limited number of episodes and live a healthy lifestyle, it is possible that you can get a Standard health rating. (for more information on health ratings, read our blog post about life insurance health ratings). If you have had more than a few episodes, but your Crohn’s is mild and controlled with treatment, it is more likely that you will see a substandard rating between 2-4. More severe cases where surgery was required, or frequent use of steroids is necessary will likely result in a rating of 6-8.

The bottom line is that it is likely you can get life insurance with crohn’s disease. Working with an independent insurance agency that has access to many insurance carriers is important because you want to find the company that will be best for you based on your situation. At we specialize in finding the right company for you at the best possible price.

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