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Life Insurance for Type 2 Diabetics

Millions of Americans have Type 2 Diabetes, and even more are unaware that they have the condition. Life insurance for type 2 diabetics does not have to be unattainable – you can get competitive and affordable rates for coverage. In this article I’ll cover some questions we will ask you to provide you with an accurate quote, as well as some examples of pricing for life insurance for type 2 diabetics and life insurance companies we like for type 2 diabetics. If you would like to get a quote specifically for you, just fill out the quote request form right below this paragraph, otherwise keep reading.

Life Insurance for Type 2 Diabetics – Questions We Will Ask You

  • Date of Diagnosis and Age of Onset  Life insurance with diabetes type 2
  • Treatment
  • Medication
  • Blood Sugar Readings (including A1C readings)
  • Any Complications (nephropathy,neuropathy,retinopathy,cardiovascular disease)
  • Current Height/Weight
  • Blood Pressure

Knowing the information above will allow us to provide you with a more accurate quote.

Getting Approved for Life Insurance with Diabetes

The process for getting approved for life insurance with diabetes type 2 is as follows: After completing an application, we will schedule a paramedic to come to your home or office to do a medical exam (which includes taking a blood test/urine sample). In addition the life insurance company will also request an APS (attending physician statement), which is your doctor’s records from your physician. The timeline for getting approved will be around 3-5 weeks, with the insurance company making a decision based on your lab results from the medical, and your medical records.


Life Insurance for Type 2 Diabetics – What Does A Policy Cost?


If you type 2 Diabetes is well controlled with medication, and you are following your doctor’s orders and don’t have other complications, you can expect a Table 2-4 Substandard rating. What does that mean? Life insurance companies have Preferred and Standard ratings based on health. Anyone with a pre-existing health condition will usually get a rating below standard. Life Insurance companies usually have ratings below standard numbered from 1-10 (or they use letters A-J). The more serious the condition, the higher the number, and the more money one would pay for coverage.


Examples of Pricing for Life Insurance with Type 2 Diabetes

A 50 Year Old Male applying for $250,000 of 20 year term life insurance with type 2 diabetes, would pay around $100 to $135 per month, depending on height/weight and other health factors.

The key to getting the best rates for life insurance with diabetes is to work with an independent life insurance agency that has access to multiple companies. At we work with over 30 life insurance companies and know which companies provide the best life insurance rates for type 2 diabetics.


No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Diabetics

If you have type 2 diabetes there are options for getting a no medical exam policy, even if you have type 2 diabetes. We work with a couple of life insurance companies that offer this, and we can compare rates for you between medical and no medical exam life insurance.

 If you would like to get a life insurance quote with type 2 diabetes, simple fill out the quote request form below and we can provide a quote specifically based on your current health status.

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