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With conflict and violence around the world, I often get asked if Life Insurance policies cover you in an act of war, or in an act of terrorism. I made this video with some information on Life Insurance Exclusions.


Hi, this is Liran Hirschkorn, from Today I want to talk to
you about a question that I often get asked; especially today with some of
the violence and conflict that’s going on in the world. People ask me, “Am
I covered if something happens to me in an act of war or in an act of
terrorism,” so the answer is that, yes, you would be covered. Most
insurance companies have excluded or eliminated these exclusions that
they’ve had in the past for things like acts of war, and you would be
covered if you died during an act of war, so the question is, what’s not
included in an insurance company policy.

Typically things excluded would be things like if you committed suicide in
the first two years of the policy, if you died while committing an illegal
activity such as robbing a bank, you got shot and you died. You wouldn’t
be covered, and not disclosing things like high risk activities, like let’s
say you’re a pilot on a private plane, or you are involved in rock climbing
or sky diving. You want to make sure you’re up front on the application if
you’re involved in those activities to see whether or not you get an
exclusion on your policy for something like that, or whether it gets
included potentially at a higher cost in your policy.

These are some of the exclusions on life insurance policies. I would tell
you, always be honest and up front on your application and if you are
traveling internationally, let the insurance company know on your
application that you do travel internationally. Different countries have
different levels of risk and so you want to make sure you’re up front about
that on your application, to see how the insurance company would treat
that. If you’re looking for a life insurance quote, visit my website, and I’ll help you get a life
insurance quote at the best possible rate. Thank you.

Author: Liran Hirschkorn

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