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Life Insurance with a Criminal Record


This is Liran Hirschkorn from In this video I’m going to
talk to you about how to get approved for life insurance even, if you have
a criminal record in your past, coming up in this video.

You might have a criminal record and maybe changed your life around since
and having a tough time getting approved for life insurance. So you want to
know if you can get approved for life insurance. The answer is maybe and
very possibly yes really depending on your exact current situation.

For example if you are currently on probation or parole you’re probably not
going to get approved until you are off that parole or probation period.

If you’re a multiple offender, you’ve had multiple felonies, multiple
misdemeanors also going to make it more difficult to get approved for

However, if you have a history of one event, one misdemeanors, one felony
and it isn’t for anything that is major, perhaps in the past you’ve had
drug use in your history. And you’ve cleaned up your life, you’re probably
now married or having a child, you’ve got a job and you’re looking to get
life insurance to protect your family. You’re trying to do the right thing.
Then it’s very possible that if it’s an event that happened several years
ago that you’ve cleaned up your life, that you’ve changed, then we can
write a letter to the insurance company along with the application telling
them how your lifestyle has changed and we can probably get you approved
for coverage.

So it really depends on the reason for the crime, the type of crime that it
was and it really depends on how long ago. Are you a multiple offender and
are you off your probationary period. If you look at those things then we
can give you an idea if you can get approved for coverage or not. What we
can do also, even before we apply, we can take your situation and submit it
to 30 life insurance companies that we represent so they can tell us ahead
of time if it’s most likely that your application will be approved so we
don’t waste your time.

At we represent over 30 life insurance companies and we can
help you get approved for coverage. I look forward to speaking with you
regarding your life insurance needs. Thank you.

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Liran Hirschkorn

Liran Hirschkorn is the founder of His mission is to help individuals across the country in finding the best rates on life insurance as well as helping individuals with high risk life insurance.

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