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Lessons from a NASCAR Driver’s Crash

The need for life insurance is often a logical decision that makes sense, however the purchase of life insurance tends to come from our emotional side. We often don’t think about life insurance until we deal with our own health issue, or we see an expected death of a family member or friend. When that family member of friend dies without having life insurance you really don’t know what the family will do – many times people start a fund for the kids to try and raise some money. Hopefully that isn’t what you want for your family and you can learn a lesson from others.

Last week NASCAR driver Jason Leffler died in a sprint car crash when his car crashed head first into a wall. Jason was divorced and had a five year old son. You would assume that someone who took that amount of risk and had a child would have a life insurance policy, but according to this article in Sporting News¬†¬†he did not have a life insurance policy. If you look at the comments on the article in sporting news you will see people discuss if a race car driver can get approved for life insurance. The answer is yes. There are life insurance companies that will insure people who are involved in car racing. They will want to know if you race professionally or as a hobby, if you have had past accidents or hospitalizations resulting from car racing, the type of courses you race on, etc. The bottom line is that Jason probably could have gotten a life insurance policy, but at 32 years old maybe he didn’t think about it. Now a fund will have to be raised for his five year old child – a position that no one wants to leave their family in.

At any age anyone is vulnerable to the unexpected that life can bring. If you have a family that relies on your for financial support the responsible thing to do is to have life insurance. Learn from the mistakes others have made and protection your family with a cheap term life insurance policy.

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