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Intelliquote Life Insurance Review: Video

Intelliquote Life Insurance Review:

Transcript: Intelliquote Life Insurance Review


In this video, I’m going to talk to you about IntelliQuote Life Insurance.
Give you a review of who they are, and get you some more information about
life insurance, coming up .

So, you may be looking online, you may be doing Google search for life
insurance quotes, or term life insurance quotes. You may have come across a
company called IntelliQuote.

First, you want to know is this company legitimate are they a scam? Can I
be comfortable talking to them? The answer is yes. IntelliQuote is a
legitimate company. They are a life insurance agency.

Why do I recommend not going with IntelliQuote? Because IntelliQuote is a
call center where you have lots of agents who pick up the phone all day.
They take incoming calls, and they may be at their job six months, they may
be there for six years. You don’t really who you’re going to get on the

So who do I recommend you work with? I recommend you work with an
independent life insurance agent. Why? For example, I’m the founder of and we work with all the companies that IntelliQuote does
plus more, but you’re going to get the service of a person that’s not
picking up incoming calls all day, can return phone calls, can respond to
you, and also has expertise in knowing which life insurance company to go
with based specifically on your situation.

For example, if you know your cholesterol is a little bit high, or if you
know blood pressure is a little bit high, or if you have a certain
condition like diabetes, I know which companies to go with that are going
to offer you the best rate. Somebody who’s picking up calls all day, who’s
working off a script may not be the best person to work with if you have a
pre-existing, condition or you have a sort of specific medical issue that’s
going to require knowing which company to go with exactly.

The answer is that IntelliQuote is a legitimate company but what I
recommend you do is go to review. The website Get a Quote
for life insurance. Look at all the companies and then you can call me and
speak to me about submitting life insurance application, and finding out
really which is the best company specifically for you among all the top
life insurance companies.

I hope this helps you out. if you have any more questions feel free if
you’re on YouTube click the link below and visit the site Choose Term dot

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