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ING Reliastar Life Insurance Company Review

ING Reliastar Life Insurance Quotes

If you are interested in getting a life insurance quote with ING Reliastar Life Insurance Company then you can fill out our quote request form below. Continue reading to learn more about this and with other companies such as with AICPA Life Insurance or AAA Term Life Insurance review.

ING Reliastar Life Insurance Company Rating ing life insurance review

ING has an “A” rating from A.M Best. An “A” rating means that they are considered to be “excellent” as far as their overall financial strength.

ING is also considered the 4th largest term life insurance provider in the U.S, and ING USA has over 13 Million customers.

Based on this information I am comfortable recommending ING Life Insurance company as one of the 30 life insurance companies that I compare when I help you find the best rates on life insurance.

 Types of Life Insurance Policies I recommend from ING Reliastar


ING offers several types of life insurance policies and I’d like to highlight their term life insurance policy. ING Term Smart is the name of ING Reliastar’s term insurance. They offer 10 year,15 year, and 20 year term life insurance policies. The term smart policy offers the ability to convert the term policy to a permanent policy while keeping the same health rating and not having to undergo getting a physical.

 ING Return of Premium Life Insurance


ING also offers a return of premium term life insurance policy. With this type of policy you have the ability to get back all the premiums you paid if you outlive the term period. Return of Premium comes at a greater costs, however some people want to know that if they outlive their life insurance policy they will get their money back and ING offers this option.

ING Reliastar Life Insurance Company Reviews


The Better Business Bureau review page of ING shows zero complaints in the last 3 years, which is great. There is no doubt that if you research ING Life Insurance Reviews online you will find some upset consumers who come to the internet to vent. When a company has 13 million customers, this is bound to happen. When I compare term life insurance quotes for my customers I do consider ING if they are among the cheapest life insurance companies for that client.

ING Life Insurance Quote Example


Here is an example of a $250,000 Policy for a 40 year old male at various health ratings (which are based on your overall health).

Preferred Plus Non Tobacco – $21.44 per month

 Preferred Non Tobacco – $25.38

 Select Non Tobacco – $31.06

 Standard Non Smoker – $37.63

If you would like to know which health rating you would qualify for, fill out the quote request form below this blog post.

Should You Buy Term Life Insurance with ING Reliastar?


I recommend that you compare term life insurance quotes and if ING Reliastar does in fact have the best rate for you, then I would recommend them. I can help you compare life insurance quotes. You can fill out the form below.

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