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Hi, this is Liran Hirschkorn from, and today I want to talk
to you about life insurance with Crohn’s Disease. So, if you have Crohn’s
Disease, maybe you’ve applied for life insurance in the past, its possible
you’ve been declined coverage for one of several reasons, but if you do
have Crohn’s Disease you can get approved for life insurance. At, we’re an independent agency and we know which companies are
more likely to approve you based on having Crohn’s Disease. So, what are
some questions that we’re going to want to know to help you get the best
rate and get a policy that you can afford and get approved?

So, we want to know what was the original date of the diagnosis, how many
episodes you’ve had in the last five years. We’re going to want to know
how many episodes you’ve had in the last six months, if any. We’re also
going to want to know the kind of treatment you’ve had, do you take
medication, how long have you been taking medication, how often do you take
medication? We’re going to want to know a little bit about the treatment
methods for the Crohn’s Disease. Lastly, we’re going to want to know about
hospitalization. Have you ever had surgery for the Crohn’s Disease, was
surgery recommended, have you been hospitalized for the Crohn’s Disease?
So, based on this information we can help you find the right carrier for
your specific situation, and hopefully help you get approved for a policy.

Now, you can get standard rates for a policy if you’ve had less than 3
episodes and the Crohn’s Disease is really under control, and its very very
mild. If you’ve had more than 3 episodes, you’re probably looking at
what’s called the substandard rating of table 2 to 4, which is a little bit
of an increase in price from the standard rating. If you’ve had surgery or
surgery has been required and hospitalization, then you’re going to look at
a higher rating which means an increase in the price, probably around
somewhere of a table 6 to 8 rating. Based on your specific situation we
can help you assess where you fit in, we’ll ask you the right questions and
we’ll be able to match you up with the right life insurance company.

You can speak directly to┬áme, Liran Hirschkorn, I’m the founder of the company, or you can visit our
website at Fill out our quote request form and we’ll help
you get a life insurance policy with your condition. Thank you.

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Liran Hirschkorn

Liran Hirschkorn is the founder of His mission is to help individuals across the country in finding the best rates on life insurance as well as helping individuals with high risk life insurance.

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