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Does Term Life to Age 100 Exist?

In this blog post I’ll explore how to get life insurance with the premium locked in to age 100, why it would or would not make sense for you to consider a policy to age 100, as well as discuss pricing for policies with level premiums to age 100 as compared to alternative term periods.… Continue Reading

Need Affordable Life Insurance?

ChooseTerm is helping millions of families find policies with an online quote tool. This tool will help families find the process of obtaining personalized policies instant, affordable, and easy. The mission of is “to make it easy and affordable for more Americans to obtain life insurance coverage.” Check out our latest press release! Continue Reading

10 Year Term Life Insurance Rates

In this article I’m going to write about 10 year term life insurance rates – including which companies have the best rates for 10 year term life insurance, examples of quotes for 10 year term,medical vs non medical exam 10 year term life insurance. If you would like to compare rates for term life insurance… Continue Reading

Instant Life Insurance Quote

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