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No Medical Exam Life Insurance

It would be great if buying life insurance was a quick and easy process, but that isn’t always the case. Getting approved for life insurance usually takes about 4-6 weeks and includes getting a medical exam. Sometimes life insurance companies also request your medical records from your doctor. It is for this reason that many… Continue Reading

Life Insurance for Over 65

Finding affordable life insurance for seniors over 65 is not has hard as it may seem. One of the most frequent comments that we receive is from older applicants that think they won’t be able to afford the life insurance coverage that they need. Regardless of your age, there are several options for quality and cheap… Continue Reading

How Much Does Life Insurance Cost for a 40 Year Old

You’re 40 years old and you realize it’s about time you bought a life insurance policy. In this article I will address the question of “How Much Does Life Insurance Cost for a 40 Year Old”. I’ll discuss term and permanent life insurance policies, give some examples of pricing for a policy, and list the… Continue Reading

Life Insurance For Dummies: Basics You Need To Buy Smart

Ok, I apologize. You’re not really a dummy. After all, they didn’t teach us Life Insurance 101 in high school or college.It could have been more helpful than calculous, I’ve still never used that in real life. So if you’re buying insurance for the first time or even the 2nd time, this blog post will… Continue Reading

Overweight Life Insurance – A Guide to Your Options

When you’re shopping for life insurance coverage, there are dozens of different factors that the insurance company is going to look dozens of different factors to determine how much they are going to charge you for insurance coverage. The insurance company is going to look at everything from your age to your occupation. One of… Continue Reading

How Much Does a Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy Cost?

Having a life insurance plan in place is extremely important, but it’s also vital that you purchase a large enough plan. If you don’t have enough coverage, your loved ones could be left with additional expenses and not have enough money to pay off all of your bills. Before you apply for life insurance coverage,… Continue Reading

Life Insurance over 50

I frequently get questioned about obtaining life insurance over 50 and whether it is worth the cost.  In today’s market life insurance is an essential purchase for just about every individual. Having a life insurance policy not only brings peace of mind, but it can also provide for your family if anything awful were to… Continue Reading

Life insurance vs AD&D

It is not uncommon for you to see the terms “life insurance” and “accidental death and dismemberment”, also known as “AD&D” grouped together as though they are interchangeable or always linked together. However, there is a difference between the two, and you should understand what that is in order to make sure you get the… Continue Reading

The Basics of Getting a $500,000 Term Life Insurance Policy

There’s no better time than the present to secure your family’s financial future. Getting a $500,000 term life insurance policy is a great solution for many people, as it is enough to provide your family with the means to maintain their standard of living for at least several years after you’re gone. You can start… Continue Reading

Term Life Insurance for Couples

A lot of people tend to think that once they get married, they need to combine their life insurance policies or even do away with their old policies and purchase joint life insurance. But this isn’t necessarily the case, and in fact it is recommended that each person purchase his or her own term life… Continue Reading

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