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Best rated term life insurance companies

If you’re shopping for a term life policy then you’re probably looking to get the best deal possible, which often involves comparing quotes from various companies. Aside from just finding the cheapest rate, you should only look for the best rated term life insurance companies so that you know you’re getting a company that will be there when your family needs them one day. In this blog post I’ll explain what it means to be a top rated life insurance company, and list the top five best rated term life insurance companies as well. Make sure to check out our life insurance reviews for multiple companies such as AICPA and Mutual of Omaha.

Life Insurance ratings from A.M Best

A.M Best was founded in 1899 as a company that rates the financial strength of insurance companies. When it comes to life insurance companies, A.M Best is the most widely used source of the strength of the insurance carrier.

A.M Best uses a letter based rating system to rate life insurance companies. There are 19 ratings in total, but the main ratings are Superior (A++, A+)  Excellent (A,A-) and Good (B++ and B+). I would only recommend companies that have an Excellent or Superior rating, and in this article i’ll include the top five rated life insurance companies that have a Superior rating of A+.

Top Five Best Rated Term Life Insurance Companies

While we represent over 30 life insurance companies, the list below is the companies we tend to use often because of their excellent pricing and strong financial ratings.

Transamerica Life Insurance

Transamerica’s history dates back to 1906. The company is rated A+ by A.M best and has over $1 Trillion of life insurance policies in force. Transamerica has competitive pricing, and also offers policies of up to $250,000 without a physical exam requirement.

Protective Life

Protective Life was founded in 1907 by Alabama Governor William Dorsey Jelks.  Today the company has over $400 Billion in life insurance policies in force and is rated A+ by A.M Best. Not only does Protective life have very competitive pricing, but they also offer a unique term life policy called Custom Choice that allows you to keep your premium the same even when your term life expires. You can read my full article with all the details about it here.

Prudential Life Insurance

Prudential is one of the most well known life insurance companies and also has an A+ rating from A.M Best. Prudential has competitive pricing, and I use them often in high risk life insurance situations for certain pre-existing conditions. They are also unique in their underwriting guidelines when it comes to their policy on non smoker rates – Prudential offers non smoker rates to cigar smokers, marijuana smokers, dip and tobacco chewers, and those who smoke a pipe. Medical marijuana users can even get Preferred rates with Prudential.

Banner Life

Banner Life has been in business since 1949. They also have an A+ rating and are often the best priced life insurance company when comparing term life quotes. Besides great rates, Banner is one of my choices for life insurance for type 2 diabetics due to their favorable underwriting guidelines.


SBLI (Savings Bank Life Insurance) has been in business for over 100 years, and has over $125 Billion in life insurance policies in force. You will often see them and Banner life with the top quotes for term life. While you won’t see SBLI advertising much, and you may have not heard of them, this is a company to consider when looking for the best term life insurance rates with A+ rated life insurance companies.

Choosing the right life insurance company is really based on factors such as your age, coverage amount, type of policy, and any health conditions you may have. However the list above of the top rated term life insurance companies is a great starting point if you are shopping for term life insurance.

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