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Best Term Life Insurance Companies That We Like

Best Life Insurance CompaniesBest Term Life Insurance Companies for 2013

While we work with over 30 different life insurance carriers, here are the best term life insurance companies we like ,use most often and consider some of the best term life insurance companies. Why? Simple. These companies often have the best life insurance rates in the marketplace and are highly rated companies. Sometimes we specifically use one company over another when working with high risk life insurance and people who have a pre-existing condition. This is because some companies are more favorable for a specific health condition and more likely to approve you, and at a better rate.

Best Term Life Insurance Companies We Most Commonly Use

Banner Life Insurance Company

Banner was chartered in 1949 and originally called GELICO, part of the same company that owned GEICO. Legal & General acquired GELICO in 1981 and the name changed to Banner Life Insurance. Banner Life Insurance company has over $456 billion of life insurance in force. Banner also has an A+ rating by A.M Best and very competitive rates on life insurance.

Protective Life Insurance Company

Protective Life Insurance was formed in 1907. The company has over $427 billion of life insurance coverage in force. Protective Life Insurance has an A+ rating from A.M Best and often times has the cheapest life insurance quotes.


We like Transamerica because they offer a choice of No Physical Exam Term Life Insurance or having an exam. Many consumers choose having an exam because often rates with a life insurance exam are better. Transamerica has over 14 Million Customers and was founded in 1904. They are an A+ rated Life Insurance company.

American General Life Insurance Company

American General has been in business for 160 years and has paid out over $34 Billion in life insurance claims. They are an A rated company. American General has very competitive life insurance rates, and is a great choice for diabetics as they have competitive rating and pricing for diabetics, as well as other pre-existing health conditions.

ING Life Insurance

ING life insurance no longer offers 30 year term policies, however they have affordable rates when it comes to 10 and 20 year term policies. ING is an A rated life insurance company by A.M Best


You may not have heard of SBLI since they don’t do much in advertising. However, SBLI’s slogan is that they are the ‘no nonsense life insurance company’ and that they are. SBLI has been in business since 1907, and has over $50 billion in life insurance in force. SBLI is also an A+ rated company by A.M Best and many times they have the cheapest life insurance rates around.


I like prudential for several reasons and they make the list of best life insurance companies for several reasons. Prudential is a well established company and has an A+ rating by A.M Best. They have great rates and I also use them for some specific cases. For example, Prudential is one of few companies that will insure active military personnel. They will also offer non tobacco rates for people who use tobacco dip or chew.

When you shop online for life insurance you want to work with an independent agency that can compare life insurance rates for you. and help you find the best term life insurance companies. At ChooseTerm we work with over 30 insurance carriers, and the list above is just a sample of companies that often have the best prices on term life insurance.

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