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American General Life Insurance Review

American General has been in business for over 160 years. They are an A rated life insurance company and offer affordable and American General Life Insurance Reviewcompetitive term life insurance rates. In this American General Life Insurance Review I’ll write about some competitive advantages of American General. At we represent over 30 life insurance companies, including American General. We select the insurance company based on price, and your specific situation, health, etc. You can compare life insurance quotes right below this paragraph, or keep reading for more information on American General Life Insurance.

Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers

If you smoke Cigars there are a few companies that will offer you non-smoker rates for life insurance. American general is fairly liberal when it comes to cigar smokers. They allow you to smoke up to 1 cigar per week and get non smoker rates – as long as you are upfront about cigar use on your application. For more info you can read my full article on Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers.

American General High Risk Life Insurance

American General has some of the best term life quotes available, however they may also be a good choice in certain high risk life insurance cases. Here are some examples where I recommend American General.

Life Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis

American General life insurance is a company I would consider if you have MS and looking for a life insurance policy. Pricing for a policy would depend on the severity of the MS and how many flare ups you have had. For more information read my article on Life Insurance with MS.

Life Insurance with Diabetes

If you are a diabetic American General can be a good choice as well. Type 2 diabetics that have the diabetes under control with medication will usually qualify around a table 2-4 health rating, while Type 1 diabetics on Insulin can expect somewhere around a table 4 rating. For more information read my article on Life Insurance with Diabetes.

There are a host of other issues that American General could be a good choice for such as Asthma, Crohn’s Disease, history of cancer, depression, and sleep apnea.

American General Life Insurance Review

Hopefully this American General Life Insurance Review gives you additional information on American General. They are a solid company and we work with them often, but they may not be the best choice specifically for you. This is why we recommend getting a customized life insurance quote.

If you are high risk and want a customized quote, fill out the contact us form below, or use our online instant quote tool right below the contact form to compare rates.

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